Video Game Cultures 2023 is an interdisciplinary event focusing on digital human artefacts. Taking place at the University of Klagenfurt in Austria, this conference sets out on a voyage into the realms of video games and digital human artifacts.

Exploration, the excitement of the new and unknown, is a superstructural driving force in game design, -engineering, and -studies. Yet, it is a concept of prevalent paradoxes, too, making it necessary for developers, coders, and scholars to navigate along a fine line between established ideas of investigations in key issues and the unorthodox overcoming of boundaries.

  • Those making video games can facilitate exploration with genre conventions supporting the sensation or dare to discover new configurations of video game experiences.
  • Those involved with gaming hardware are keen on pushing the limits of current-gen technology or usher in the next hardware sensation to literally change the game.
  • Academics of all disciplines are keen on finding the right tools for analysis within their respective orthodoxies or to prepare their collapse in favour of sustainable interdisciplinarity.

To find out where the future of the medium lies, what is left to do is explore exploration as such.


Check our programme for a full schedule.